I currently teach First-Year Writing and Advanced Writing in the Disciplines at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. I have also taught a variety of courses in Boston University’s English Department and Writing Program.

My teaching is driven by students, humor, and empathy. For a deeper look into my teaching philosophy and activities I use in the classroom, check out my essays in Pedagogy and American Literary Studies: “The Agentive Classroom” and “Zooming Out: What Teaching Online Taught Me About Classroom Community.”

I have taught the following courses:

Northeastern University

Advanced Writing in the Disciplines–Interdisciplinary (1 section in Spring 2023, 2 sections in Summer 2 2023)

First-Year Writing (3 sections in Fall 2022, 2 sections in Spring 2023)

Boston University

“The Real Housewives of American Culture” Writing & Research Seminar (Spring 2022) 

“Queer American Literature and Culture” Writing & Research Seminar (Spring 2021)

“Queer American Literature and Culture” First-Year Writing (Fall 2020)

“Reading American Literature” (Spring 2019)

“Satire from Swift to McSweeney’s” Freshman Seminar (Fall 2018)

“Women and Madness in Literature” Writing & Research (Spring 2018)

“Women and Madness in Literature” First-Year Writing (Fall 2017)